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Ways to Contribute

One of the most important ways Friends of Michigan's Community Health Centers (FMCHC) engages in the political process is by supporting lawmakers who understand and promote community health centers as critical parts of Michigan’s healthcare system and health safety net- your contributions make that support possible!

All contributors giving $250 or more annually will be invited to attend a FMCHC held in conjunction with the Michigan Primary Care Association annual conference.

You can contribute to FMCHC in several ways, including:

Making Recurring Contributions Online


Making a recurring contribution is an excellent way to ensure FMCHC has consistent financial resources and to break up your contribution into manageable monthly amounts. Consider contributing $10 or $25 per month to keep FMCHC strong for years to come.

Making an Annual Contribution Online

Making a single contribution each year (or more often) is a great way for health center staff members and supporters to aid FMCHC’s efforts. If you’re a health center staff member or supporter, consider giving $52 which represents an investment of one dollar per week. For health center leaders and managers making an individual contribution, consider giving $250. For teams of health centers leaders and staff members working together to make a larger contribution, consider a goal of $1,500 across the individuals contributing from your organization.


Making an Annual Contribution by Check


FMCHC is happy to accept single contributions by check. Please complete this form and mail the completed form and check to the address included on the form.

Participating in Events

FMCHC holds events periodically which feature a suggested registration fee to attend. Registering and participating in these events is a good way to contribute to FMCHC’s efforts.

Please note, the Michigan Campaign Finance Act (MCL 169.254) prohibits corporate contributions to political action committees. As a result, FMCHC cannot accept corporate checks or contributions using corporate credit cards.

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