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Friends of Michigan’s Community Health Centers PAC are hosting a fundraiser the night of April 10th, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at The Studio at 414 in Downtown Lansing. If leadership and staff from your health center has or will donate a cumulative $500 at minimum between September 15th of 2022 and April 3rd of 2023, your invitation to this event is complimentary. If you’re unsure of how much leadership and staff at your health center has donated, please contact Griff Drew at or 517-827-0480.

Friends of Michigan's
     Community Health Centers
            Political Action Committee

Friendly Young Doctor
Girl at the Pediatrician
Doctor and Patient

The POLITICAL VOICE for Community Health Centers

In the current political climate, there are fewer lawmakers with in-depth knowledge about health policy and financing, more legislative and budgetary matters that impact community health centers, and many groups vying for lawmakers’ prioritization and limited resources. Friends of Michigan's Community Health Centers (FMCHC) works to emphasize and encourage the policy actions and fiscal investments that lawmakers can back to advance community health centers and support the patients they serve.

The political process is something that affects all of facets of the health care industry.  It is important for the health centers in the state to be actively engage with our elected officials.  An important way to be included politically in through ta vibrant political action committee which can contribute to the campaigns of individuals who share like values with the health centers.

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